Here's a sample of what our audience has been saying about Wolfeboro Folk...

I just want to say, again, how grateful we are for the work you and Steve do in bringing live folk entertainment to Wolfeboro. Last night's performance with Odetta was a religious experience, a piece of time and history in the music culture of the country brought to our very back door (literally). You had to be happy looking out over the crowd in attendance last night and realizing that what you have put together for this little bit of a community (circa 6,000 people) has been so successful, so well received and so appreciated. For me, that was all part of the experience. I am pleased to be such a small of it. Thanks, so much, again. - Ken Cereghino, Sponsor.

Wolfeboro Folk concerts tops my 'best things' in town!

Thanks so much for bringing such GREAT music to Wolfeboro!

Just relocated from West Virginia (home of Mountain Stage!). We are totally hooked after our 1st concert (David Francey) last night. We’re so impressed with your efforts!

This is fantastic. We need tickets for each of the remaining performances.

You are doing a great job for both your series as well as the town of Wolfeboro. It is great to have talented artists coming into Wolfeboro.

Thanks for some great programming. You're filling up our engagement calendar...

We're really excited! Thanks.

If any tickets become available please contact us we would love to attend this concert. Thanks for putting on these concerts.


THANK YOU!!!...I can't believe we got the last two tickets! It was at the old club 47 that I used to see Geoff....standing in line in the cold Cambridge winter...ALWAYS worth it! This sure brings back memories...I'M SO EXCITED!!!!

What a great season!! Wonderful concerts!!

I've attended the Stephen Fearing and David Francey concerts. They were GREAT!!

I've been waiting to see Geoff again since 1965, when I used to wait outside in line just to Geoff along with Jim Kweskin and the Jug Band. His voice is the BEST!!!

Geoff cool!!! Haven't seen him since Club 47...1962

I've seen Stephen Fearing before and am really looking forward to this concert! Thanks for bringing him to the area

Are there any tickets left? I need two more!!!

Thanks for your superb work.

We are thrilled that the Waybacks are coming back!

Thanks for the great line up! Looking forward to and expect I'll go to them all! Keep up the good work.

I have just been on the phone and heard that this venue is sold out. Please put us on the waiting list.

My husband and I are great fans of J.P. Cormier, thanks for bringing him here.

Keep up the good work. We appreciate it!