Sanborn Farm
The Andersons (Ben is the organizer of Wolfeboro Folk) raise all-natural, field-grown animals
on their farm in Sanbornville, NH.
As stewards of New Hampshire's working landscape, we treat our farm as a precious, irreplaceable resource, and follow sustainable farming practices to ensure our land will be productive for future generations. Pigs clear, till, and fertilize the land to expand fields and make room for our growing flock of sheep, and guinea hens are employed to naturally patrol and control bugs, etc. The farm offers the chance to enjoy delicious end-product
including pork, turkey, and lamb.

Absolutely no hormones or antibiotics are used with our animals who are all cared for naturally and
raised at their own growth rate.
Items are quite limited and advance ordering is generally required.

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OUR HAPPY PIGS: Naturally-field raised and fed a daily and healthy mixture of grain combined with fresh vegetable scraps from Hunter's IGA produce department. The pork is not chemically treated in any way, giving you nitrite-free bacon and hams full of flavor like once found in the old days!

Quoted per-pound prices reflect butcher fees as well as farm care costs.

You may order individual items by the pound, or by the quarter or half pig. Quarter and half pricing is based on hanging weight. Take home per half is generally 50 to 80 pounds (quarter being half of that). This is a great way to receive a generous variety of ham, sausage, bacon, ham, steaks, tenderloin, pork chops, etc.

Quarter flat fee of $4.20/lb. Half flat fee of $3.70/lb. Quarters & Halfs are not whole pieces that you cut yourself, but rather a "package deal" where you receive a sampling of all (individually packed) items below!

Individual items available as priced below.

All items are sealed in cryovac and processed by a USDA-approved butcher in Sanford, Maine.

Anderson's Naturally Field Raised Pork Prices

Whole Boneless Tenderloin - $7.99/lb
Pork Roast - $6.99/lb
Spareribs - $6.99/lb
Pork Chops - $5.49/lb
Bacon - $5.49/lb
Smoked Hams - $5.99/lb
Ham Steaks - $5.49/lb
Sausage Links (large Italian style) - $4.59/lb
Breakfast (loose) Sausage - $4.59/lb

Quarter - $4.20/lb
Half - $3.70/lb

GOBBLE-ICIOUS TURKEYS: Our turkeys are completely free-range enjoying a diet the way nature meant it to be...which transfers to your plate with delicious taste that can't be beat! We raise a limited number of birds (focus on quality, not quantity) that are provided plenty of open space where it can grow healthfully in a caring environment.

From the first juicy, satisfying bite of our free-range turkeys, you'll know that this bird is something special.

Turkeys sell for $3.00/lb and are seasonally available. Ordering well in advance is not only recommended, but almost required (they do sell out each year).

NATURAL LAMB: We raise the kind of lamb you can believe in. That's the reason we never use antibiotics, artificial growth hormones, animal by-products, or genetically modified feeds (GMO's). The result? You and your family will thoroughly enjoy our all-natural, great tasting lamb...a rich tender flavor unlike anything you've experienced before.

As we've decided to increase our flock size, lamb is currently not available.