General Concert Policies

1. Patrons without shoes or shirts are not permitted to enter.

2. All tickets are issued subjected to the terms and conditions of Wolfeboro Folk Concert Series.

3. No admission without a ticket. To purchase tickets, orders may be placed by phone at 603/569-0997, online,
at Wolfeboro's Stay Tuned, or at our venue, Tumbledown Farms.

4. Wolfeboro Folk reserves the right to change the program in exceptional circumstances, such as the illness of an artist(s),
traffic congestion, weather, or delaid flights.

5. Wolfeboro Folk reserves the right to refuse admission or to eject a ticket holder for behavior likely to cause damage,
injury, nuisance or annoyance or for failure to comply with reasonable requests.

6. No money will be refunded or tickets exchanged unless an event is cancelled or postponed.

7. The use of cameras or recording equipment may be prohibited. When an artist requests a 'no camera' policy,
it will be adhered to by the Wolfeboro Folk staff.

8. Wolfeboro Folk does not accept responsibility for loss or damage of personal property brought into the venue.

9. Under no circumstances will Wolfeboro Folk be liable for unforeseen or indirect loss.

10. Electronic devices are to be turned off as a courtesy to the performers and other patrons.

11. No simulated smoke, fog, pyrotechnics, or any other special effects are permitted.

12. No smoking is permitted in the Tumbledown Barn or in the immediate outside area.

13. Proper ID must be shown to bring alcohol onto the performance venue.